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Louisiana Trapshooting Association

The Louisiana Trapshooting Association (LTA) is a non-profit state affiliate of the Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA).  Our goal is to support and promote trapshooting in the State of Louisiana.  Established in 1914, additional goals are to unite the residents of Louisiana interested in the sport of trapshooting, firearms proficiency and safety; to formulate, maintain and administer standards and regulations for the guidance of its members; and to promote and encourage the enactment of just and reasonable laws and ordinances affecting trapshooting, and to oppose the enactment of those that would be unjust and unreasonable.

This is primarily accomplished by providing its members with the opportunity to participate in the LA State Shoot, hosted by the LTA; by supporting local gun clubs with their own registered shoots and encouraging  the State's youth to get involved in trapshooting through the AIM program. 

Anyone who joins the ATA and is a resident of Louisiana is also a member of the LTA.

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